Walking Book Club: Good Riddance

Event Details

  • Date: Friday, September 20, 2019
    Time: 11:00am to 12:00pm

Daphne’s mother, June, recently passed away & specifically left Daphne a heavily annotated yearbook. It’s not June’s own yearbook, though. It’s a yearbook from the class of 1968 of Pickering High School when June was a brand-new, devoted young English teacher & yearbook advisor.

Daphne vividly remembers June’s lifelong dedication to the class; she attended each reunion. June’s observations about class members aren’t always kind & Daphne can’t understand why her mother clung to such a memento. On moving to NYC & cleaning her apartment, Daphne throws the book into the recycling.

When Daphne’s nosy neighbor, ersatz filmmaker Geneva, rescues it with plans to create a documentary around the yearbook’s origins & notes, Daphne’s sense of remorse kicks in. An epic struggle for ownership ensues, one that will find Daphne & Geneva unlikely attendees at the Class of ’68’s 50th reunion. One former student presents Daphne with life-altering news.

The question of who gets to tell one’s own story lies at the heart of Lipman’s  smart, sassy, & satisfying rom-com. Fans of contemporary women’s fiction will enjoy a tightly woven, lightly rendered, but insightfully important novel of the pitfalls to be avoided and embraced on one’s path to self-discovery.


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