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LOCAL AUTHOR - Tom Behr, Blood Brothers
Publication Date: 2011-06-09
Tom Behr has written an exceptional book, full of rich historical and cultural detail, great characters and thrilling action scenes.

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NJ AUTHOR - Jeffrey Cohen, A Night at the Operation
ISBN: 9780425228159
When Elliot Freed's ex-wife Sharon goes missing, he finds it hard to focus on running his all-comedy movie theatre. Elliot embarks on a frantic search for Sharon with the help of her second (and soon-to-also-be-ex) husband.

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NJ AUTHOR - E.J. Copperman, Chance of a Ghost
ISBN: 9780425251683
Even with a blizzard bearing down on New Jersey, Alison can count on at least two guests--Paul and Maxie, the stubborn ghosts who share her shore town inn. Then there's her widowed mother, who hasn't just been seeing ghosts, she's been secretly dating one: Alison's father. But when he stands her up three times in a row, something's wrong. Is he a lost soul...or a missing apparition? Their only lead is an overdramatic spirit--stage name Lawrence Laurentz--who doesn't take direction well and won't talk until they find his killer.

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LOCAL AUTHOR - Andrea Kane, The Stranger You Know
Andrea Kane became an instant New York Times bestseller with her thriller The Girl Who Disappeared Twice. It debuted Forensic Instincts, an eclectic team of maverick investigators, each with different talents and personalities, all with one common bond—a blatant disregard for authority.

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LOCAL AUTHOR - D.J. Karp, Profesor Moon & More
This collection of short stories is about all our little and big struggles just to feel alive.

Daniel McBride, a retired professor, who rummages through used books hoping to somehow find excitement in his own life. Aaron Goldmann, a survivor of the Holocaust tells a newspaper reporter his story, one of six million. Then there's Adolph Fleischer, caught in the midst of an Allied attack in the German city of Essen. "Cut Short," an unpublished author day-dreams of where fame might take her. Jack Smithfield's life takes a turn after a fateful jog along a beach in, "Morning Run." There's the story of Wiley Truman, who disappears after the Vietnam war because of "issues." And then there's Carlo Vache and Marie and their rendezvous after the midnight shift is over at a roadside diner.

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NJ AUTHOR - Audra Osorio, The Swear Jar
ISBN: 9781492333388
Publication Date: 2013-09-01
Meara Martin has been a widow for five years and is not looking for romance. Duncan Phillips has been a widower for ten years and is not looking for romance either. But love has a different fate in store for them when there is a chance meeting at the supermarket. When Duncan becomes smitten with the much younger Meara, will sparks fly or will they both continue to hide behind their wedding rings? Their story is a bumpy ride filled with love, sex, and desire as well as laughs, giggles and sighs. The Swear Jar is the sweet May-December romance of two lonely librarians in New Jersey.

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LOCAL AUTHOR - Albert M. Parillo, Giuliana's Way
Publication Date: 2013-12-01
A girl. A dream. A new beginning. Giuliana's Way is the story of a precocious Italian girl who, at 11 years of age in 1941, leaves hearth, home and war-torn Europe and comes to the United States to get an education, become an architect, and realize the American dream. But an outsize talent for cooking intrudes on her well-laid plans, forcing our heroine to make a conflicted, gut-wrenching decision: barely out of high school, she abandons the classroom for a restaurant kitchen.

In making this life-altering choice, she gets to live even bigger and better dreams. The way Giuliana uses her ingenuity to achieve culinary celebrity is replete with surprising twists and unexpected turns. By the time she's 29, she has become by turns an iconic chef, cooking instructor, television's first culinary star and the creative force behind the premier household products company catering to the total lifestyle needs of the American homemaker. The colorful characters, places and events-many drawn from real life-that populate the pages of the book make Giuliana's Way a timely and uplifting story.


Non Fiction

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LOCAL AUTHOR - Rosie Battista, Sleeping Naked After Forty
Sleeping Naked after 40 is a "lifestyle" that embraces and teaches the principles of excellence in nutrition, extreme self love and extraordinary care. This motivational, inspirational and educational guidebook supports you in building the healthiest, sexy version of yourself no matter what your age or stage. Author Rosie Battista entered her first body building competition at age 50 after years of struggling with weight fluctuations, poor body image and self confidence issues. She share her lessons learned and inspirational observations for what is possible if you just believe. As you practice and embrace the Sleeping Naked After 40 Lifestyle, you will begin to build the best version of yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually. All without starving or spending hours in the gym. This special guide is at your service, suggesting, offering and inviting you to step it up. With sustainable practices for getting your head and heart involved in the building of your best physical body, you'll be intrigued by the power of small steps. This book is filled with step by step guidelines, implementable skills, and creative ideas for thinking and feeling differently about and in your body.

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NJ AUTHOR - Tracy Beckerman, Lost in Suburbia
Lighthearted, mostly humorous memoir of suburban motherhood based on the Tracy's nationally syndicated column.

Published by more than 400 newspapers in 25 states, Beckerman's column inspired an eponymous blog (, and her funny accounts of situations running the gamut from mundane to outrageous have resonated with readers, particularly mothers of young children. Chapter titles, including "I'm Not Fat, I'm Just Pregnant. Okay, I'm Fat, Too" and " 'P' Is for Parenting and Prozac," in addition to Beckerman's tone, are consistently zippy and dramatic.

Feeling that people look down on mothers, she acknowledges that "the second we become moms we start to let ourselves go." Beckerman doesn't want to lose herself in motherhood, and her "momoir" offers entertaining vignettes about balancing her responsibilities at home with her quest to tap into her true self.

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LOCAL AUTHOR - Hsu Dan, The Paintings of Hsu Dan
An artist of international renown, Professor Hsu has created new pathways for traditional Chinese landscape painting by melding Eastern and Western painting styles with varying degrees of abstraction. Trained and professionally experienced in the fields of Chinese: painting, architecture, interior design, and traditional garden design, Hsu Dan’s art exudes an extraordinary sense of perspective, color, and oneness with nature.

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LOCAL AUTHOR - Joanne Ferreri, For the Love of Wood/for the Love of Food
Joanne writes: Two books in one! Experience growing up in a loving and boisterous Italian family from Brooklyn. Can you imagine having the vision to see a car in a block of wood, a church steeple in a burned out Roman candle or an entire wall-to-wall library from discarded window shutters? The only person I ever met that could was my Dad. I want to publicly thank both sets of my grandparents for coming to America on what was nothing less than blind faith, exactly when they did and enduring the hardships that I can only imagine.

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NJ AUTHOR - Michael C. Gabriele, The History of Diners in New Jersey
The silver Airstreams and neon signs of the classic American diner brighten New Jersey's highways and Main Streets. But the intrinsic role they have played in the state's culture and industry for more than one hundred years is much more than eggs-over-easy and coffee. Diners are the state's ultimate gathering places--at any moment, high school students, CEOs, construction workers and tourists might be found at a counter chatting with the waitresses and line cooks. Jerseyans yearn for lost favorites like the Excellent Diner and Prout's Diner and still gather at beloved haunts like the Bendix and Tick Tock Diners.

Although the industry is all but gone today, New Jersey was once the hub of diner manufacturing, making mobile eateries that fed hungry Americans as far away as the West Coast. Author Michael C. Gabriele offers this delicious history--collected from interviews with owners, patrons and experts--and indulges in many fond memories of New Jersey diners.

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NJ AUTHOR - Diana Worden Karmin, Escaping from food coma : the literal ups and downs of life with an eating disorder
After stepping on her bathroom scale in the summer of 2010, Diana Worden Karmin finally decided that - at 52 years old and weighing 263 pounds - it was time to escape from the crushing chest pains, the nearly crippling joint pain, and the deepening depression with a goal of getting under 200 pounds. By January 2011, after months of dieting and exercise, she slipped into a pair of Size 16 jeans and felt absolutely triumphant. Eighteen months later, she had not only met - but far exceeded her original goal - by (ever so briefly) fitting into a Size 2. Over her lifetime she's worn every size from a 22 to that elusive Size 2...which explains why she owes Lord & Taylor over $3000! Diana has documented her struggles in Escaping From Food Coma - The Literal Ups and Downs of Life with an Eating Disorder by blending soul-baring vignettes with a healthy dose of humor and an even bigger serving of sarcasm.

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LOCAL AUTHOR - Leila Koepp, Topics in Grief
Leila writes: When my son David died of an accidental drug overdose at the age of 30, I was left in the dark trying to find my way. The pain that I experienced was different from any other pain that I had experienced. People began to tell me what I should do or should not do. I realized that even though I lost my son physically I could keep him alive by writing about him. These articles describe my pain, my loss and my inability to change what happened. Many of these articles were inspired by statements made by those who did not experience a similar loss.

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LOCAL AUTHOR- Elissa F. Merkl; Marianne Merkl, Traveling Beyond the Topic of Cancer
A memoir - spanning two years - about my sister Marianne's second and final battle with Hodgkins Disease and primary liver cancer told primarily through e-mails written during that period.

But it is more. It is the journey of two sisters, who led active lives in between doctors' appointments, surgery, tests and chemo; who strengthened their relationship and their love through adversity - despite differences in personality.

It is not a "how" to book, it is a "can do" book; not an advice book, but rather a chronicle of lives lived to the fullest, even with the proverbial elephant in the room.

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LOCAL AUTHOR - Michael Noll, Bell Labs Innovations: Voices of Innovation - A. Noll; Michael Geselowitz
The innovative spirit and creative energy of Bell Labs during the directorship of William Baker are described by twelve people who worked there. The culture of Bell Labs comes to life through the first-hand accounts of John Pierce, father of communications satellites; Manfred Schroeder, speech encoding pioneer; Walter Brown, developer of silicon semiconductors; Carol Maclennan, expert in spacecraft communications and data analysis; Alan Chynoweth, materials research authority; David Dorsi, expert glassblower; Edward Zajac, submarine cables and economics research; Edwin Chandross, optical memories and organic materials (inventor of the now ubiquitous light stick); Italo Quinto, chauffeur to William Baker; Mohan Sondhi, inventor of the adaptive echo canceller; William Keefauver, Bell Labs’ general patent attorney; and lastly, William Baker himself.

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LOCAL AUTHOR - James R Pfafflin, Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering
Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering, Sixth Edition is still the most comprehensive, authoritative reference available in the field.

This monumental two-volume encyclopedia now includes entries on topics ranging from acid rain, air pollution, and community health to environmental law, instrumentation, modeling, alternative energy, radioactive waste, and water treatment.

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LOCAL AUTHOR: Michael Noll, Choosing Well - Finding the Best and Avoiding the Rest
Choosing Well is packed with practical advice on finding that special person for a lasting relationship. You will learn tips on such topics as how to improve your skills at flirting, what to talk about on that first date, and how to recognize quality singles who are really available. Choosing Well is based on the extensive experience of therapist Andrew Whaling in counseling singles in Southern California. Writer A. Michael Noll has captured his wise counsel in a well-organized manner that is useful and easily accessible. Indeed, Choosing Well will help you find the best while avoiding the rest.

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LOCAL AUTHOR - Mary Lou Weller, Long Hill Township
Long Hill Township, composed of five distinct boroughs located along the Passaic River, has existed for hundreds of years as a vibrant community in northern New Jersey.

Once the homeland of the Lenape Indians, the five boroughs of Long Hill Township (formerly Passaic Township) developed independently to support one another in the fields of industry, agriculture, education, and transportation, creating a bustling and eclectic small-town community in the midst of nature’s splendor.

Mary Lou Weller’s remarkable photographic history of Long Hill documents the past of the township in moving detail. A reflection of the community through the eyes of this fourth-generation resident, Long Hill Township chronicles the area’s history from the Civil War through the early 1970s.


Children & Teen

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Adam Jay Epstein, Starbounders
ISBN: 9780062120229
Zachary Night enrolls at a secret training camp for future defenders of the galaxy, but when a routine mission takes a dangerous turn, he finds himself lost in a universe that's bigger than he ever imagined.

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NJ AUTHOR - Jon Gibbs, Fur-Face - Jon Gibbs
Publication Date: October 18, 2011
An evil scientist with a dastardly invention. A sadistic billionaire with a diabolical plan. What stands in their way? Two teenagers and one amazing cat. The bad guys don't stand a chance! When 13-year-old Billy Euston moves to the English, country village of Little Chumberry, he finds an unlikely friend in Snowy, an outrageous talking cat that only he can hear. Through Snowy he learns of an evil scientist who kidnaps local animals for use in experiments on inter-species communication. Billy finds himself drawn ever deeper into a world of cruelty and exploitation, where every answer uncovers another question. Who is Fur-Face? Why does he operate on animals’ brains? What really goes on in the tunnels beneath Adventure Safari (the nearby zoo and theme park)? With the help of Snowy and Carmen, a local girl whose grandmother owns both the research center and the park, Billy tries to find out, not realizing his search for answers could cost Snowy every last one of his nine lives.

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LOCAL AUTHOR: Sheila Adam McIntyre, The Cave in the Forest
ISBN: 9780741474803
Publication Date: 2012-04-18
Two adventurous 13 year old boys enter a dangerous forest, in spite of dire warnings, to search for a cave. Once inside, unexplainable events and a horrifying discovery lead to clues that help solve an old crime.

Long Hill Township Public Library, 917 Valley Road, Gillette, NJ 07933 Phone (908)647-2088

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